Vol.1 No.3
The connected generation
Jeremy Godfrey, Government Chief Information Officer on protection of youth online: a co-ordinated effort to cope with risks in an online world, many of which are new versions of old risks.
Opinion p.16
Charles Mok, Chair, HK Internet Society believes the fundamental need of today’s internet-savvy youth is media literacy but it’s a big challenge. Telling good website content from bad requires critical awareness, not just filtering.
Wong Po-choi, Chairman, Committee on Home-School Cooperation explains the difficulties of being a parent in a child-centric world and gives useful guidelines and on coping with online habits at home.
Herman Lam and Adam Anger, Microsoft HK talk about understanding the needs of users and educators, getting technology to fit in the classroom and workplace, and aiming towards provision of computers for all.
Ma Siu-leung, CEO and Supervisor, Fung Kai Public School with his senior staff, describes e-learning and e-books in primary classes at this Innovative School of the Future.
Youth at the cutting edge of technology, always flexible and adaptable as designers and users: a swift retrospective on the growth of IT and its implications for the future.
Feature p.12
The undeniable boon of the internet, its spread and how to maximise its potential for the education and empowerment of the younger generation.


Also in this issue
Insight p.30
Gary N Heilbronn on social networking: online traps and temptations
HKFYG Youth Research Centre and Lakshmi Jacota on the rise of connectivity: statistics and behaviour
Eight young people on how they stay in touch and how it can be addictive
Executives from HKISPA, iProA and Yahoo! Hong Kong give their views
Territory-wide internet education campaign co-organized by HKFYG and government for parents and children
Read, play, create: summer events
Connectivity@HKFYG with websites and networks