Vol.1 No.1
Seeking a new balance: the challenge for young people
New youth for Hong KongProf Helen Siu of Yale University and the Hong Kong's Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences discusses strategic policy to keep Hong Kong youthful. A circulating population moving freely across a soft border is the key.
Balancing act by Lakshmi Jacota – Today's complex world confronts youth with many opportunities and dilemmas. They need a multi-dimensional outlook and a critical mindset to compete and maintain a balanced outlook in this vibrant city of over 7 million people.
Parents who push: are they off track? Prof Lui Tai-lok, well-known sociologist at CUHK, talked to Youth Hong Kong about changing attitudes. His conclusions are that today's parenting is poorly suited to today's world. We asked him why.
Feature p.11
Great Expectations: parents wants' for their children It's natural for parents to want the best for their offspring. As classes and activities the parents can afford fill their time and the earlier the better. Music, art, sports, dance, languages, maths…But at what cost?
Opinion p.18
Grasping fundamentals: essential finance lessons for youthPeter Wong of HSBC gives advice to young people who want to learn from the sequence of events that brought the banking world to its knees. “Grasp the fundamentals,” he says.
In Tin Shui Wai tidy streets, a smart light railway and cycle tracks weave their orderly way around town. But for someone arriving from downtown it's very quiet. Where are the markets, noise and crowds? Something is missing that the statistics don't quite catch.
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