Vol.1 No.2
The financial crisis: an opportunity for framing alternatives
Matthew Cheung, Secretary for Labour and Welfare, talks about youth employment: At a testing time, a support network from the whole community is essential.
Alternative prisms: rethinking the future-
Today’s young people will bear the brunt of the fallout of the financial crisis. They need to use it as an opportunity to frame new alternatives.
Professor Richard Wong, HKU Deputy Vice-Chancellor, says that the greatest accomplishment in life is to explore truth rather than make money.
Feature p.18
Shifting values: knowing when 'enough' is enough, recognizing excess and moving from unaccountability to accountability. This is a process our future generations need to learn.
Opinion p.16
Andrew Tsui, Chairman at head-hunters Korn/Ferry International, gives advice on how youth can hit the ground running.
HKFYG survey on careers and money reveals the trends in career goals and attitudes to saving, spending and borrowing.
Also in this issue
Six young people talk about wants and goals
Secondary and tertiary students express hopes and worries
Insight p.30
Five Chinese voices from Oxford on aspirations for the future
Dr Rosanna Wong speaks her mind about internship schemes
Vicious circle: what can happen when youngsters are out of work
Youth social enterprises: work for more than just profit
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